LUCKY Lyrics

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  1. I Get Up
  2. Greatest Love Story of all Time
  3. Perfect Just Like You
  4. All That I Can Do
  5. I Love You More
  6. Alaska
  7. Why Can’t I Stop Yelling?
  8. Better Than Me
  9. You’re Lucky You’re Not Alive for This
  10. Miss You
  11. Keep My Mouth Shut Blues
  12. What I Hold

All lyrics copyright 2019 Lee Zukor, published by Lee Rude Music (ASCAP).

I Get Up

There’s a leak in my house where the rain comes in
And I know there’s a chance the whole things will cave in
There’s so much I can do I can’t even begin
It’s okay, it’s okay

There’s a pill I can take to control my mood
And there’s a pill I can take to absorb my food
And it might do me some good
But not today

I get up, I get up, I get up, up, up, up, up
All the problems of the world will have to wait
I get up, I get up, I get up, up, up, up, up
Well the world will keep on spinning either way

There are so many things that I wish I could change
And I know I should try to make progress today
But I heard good things happen to those who
So they say, so they say

‘Cause the cloud that were here, have all gone away
And the sky is as blue as it used to be gray
And the kids just want to play
So let’s play


Tomorrow I’ll start early and I’ll try to make the world a better place
But not today

Chorus 2X

The Greatest Love Story of all Time

Romeo and Juliet took the easiest way out
They never had a job or house like mine or yours
If they joined the PTA or watched the junior high school band
Well there’s a 50/50 chance they’d be divorced

They loved each other seven days
A love like that is such a waste (you and me, we)

Get the kids to sleep clean up a little round the house
Grab a box of cookies sit together on the couch
Talk about our days and plan a family vacation
Watch some “Breaking Bad” and when it’s over change the station

Talk about our jobs and how coworkers drive us crazy
Should we go to sleep because I’m feeling pretty lazy?
Figure out tomorrow and drink a little wine
Ours is the greatest love story of all time (2X)

We’ve been together through the sacred and profane
Through the exciting and mundane and in between
Romeo and Juliet, they never had the day to day
They couldn’t make it through one play without a scene

Some say they had a great romance
I say they never had a chance


Perfect Just Like You

We spent two weeks painting the flower trim
Around your new bedroom
Good thing we started early
‘Cause you came early too

I smoothed your bedroom walls before I painted
Pulled nails and filled each hole
There were lots of little imperfections
But you’ll never know

Life is never perfect, you’ll find out soon enough
Sometimes the only things we have are faith and hope and love
But you are just a baby, you don’t need to know the truth
I want to make things perfect just like you

When you cry I don’t know what to do
I get so much advice
I walk around in circles singing
But maybe that’s not right

No time at all you’ll learn to crawl
And then you’ll learn to run
You’ll run into trouble
It happens to everyone


You’ve got time to find what’s wrong about this world
But now stay in my arms, my little girl


All That I Can Do

Today’s our anniversary again, just like last year
I’m trying to write my feelings in a card
I’m usually okay with words when I know how I feel
But somehow it’s impossible to start

On your birthday I said you were everything to me
And I love you forever ever more
On Valentine’s I said you were the only thing I need
And my love for you has never been more sure

Someday I’ll find a new way
To tell you I love you
Until then I’ll say the same words again
It’s all that I can do

After so much time so many cards so many notes
It’s hard to find the words that make it new
You know how couples feel right after they’re engaged?
That’s still the way I feel when I’m with you

I’m as excited for our future as I have ever been
Some days I can’t believe that you’re still mine
Together we can take on anyone and anything
Just like I’ve told you fifty thousand times


I feel inarticulate, repetitive and dull
Saying I love you and you are my best friend
I hate to tell you things that you already know
But here I am doing it again



I Love You More

I love you more than ice cream
With a cherry on the top
I love you more than whipped cream too
You know that that’s a lot

I love you more than whiskey
More than ales and IPAs
I love you more than sushi
Even from our favorite place

I love you more
Than you love me
I love you more
And it’s so obvious to see

I love you more
You know it’s true
I love you more
Oh yes, I do

I love you more swimming
Even more than my best stroke
I love you more than softball
And more than telling jokes

I love you more than tennis
Even more than when I win
There are so many ways I love you
I don’t know where to begin


It’s a game I love competing in
‘Cause when I lose is when I win

I love you more than sunshine
More than playing on the beach
I love you more than snow days
And that’s more than you love me

I love you more than music
More than movies and TV
I love you more than coffee
And that’s more than you love me




My baby’s gone to Alaska
Don’t know how long she’s gone
If you see her, please tell my love
We’re waiting here at home

Our daughter keeps on asking
When’s mommy coming home
I tell her not to worry child
I know it won’t be long

I cooked her favorite dinner
But never ate my fill
I’m saving it for one more day
I hope she loves it still

I cleaned the house this morning
Hung our laundry on the line
‘Cause when my baby comes back home
I know that she’ll be tired

My baby’s gone to Alaska
Don’t know how long she’s gone
If you see her, please tell my love
We’re waiting here at home

When I say my baby
I mean I love her so
And when I say Alaska, friend
It means that I don’t know
When I say Alaska, friend
It means that I don’t know


Why Can’t I Stop Yelling?

I’m a pretty mellow guy I don’t get too stressed out
By things I can’t control things I can’t do a thing about
I live a quiet life I feel happy well and whole
In so much of my life I am a picture of control, so

So why can’t I stop yelling?
I know that it’s no good
It makes me feel as awful
As a lot of yelling should
Why can’t I stop yelling?
I know it hurts my health
There’s no one else to blame
But myself

I never yelled at all before I had two perfect kids
They’re smart and healthy, beautiful, the best thing I ever did
I know it’s not their fault they are just doing what kids do
I know I should be calm and simply send them to their rooms, so –



Better Than Me

She’s better than I was at going to school
She’s better at reading and math
That homework she did in an hour today
It took me an hour and a half

He’s better than I am at baseball
He‘s better at getting a hit
You know that button that all parents have?
He’s better at pushing it

It makes sense, it’s all clear
Any fool can see it’s true
It’s their mom, you should meet her
She’s better than I am too

He’s better than I am at making his point
He’s better at wearing me down
He’s better at saying he’s wrong ‘cause he knows
He still needs me to drive him around

She’s better than me at expressing herself
She’s better at blowing off steam
She’s better than I am at getting her way
Sometimes better is not what it seems

I’ve been good, I’ve been great
My ego is fully intact
Still as good as I’ve been
My kids are much better than that

He’s better at feeling at home in his skin
He’s better at finding his place
He knows what he likes and I’m happy to say that
He knows just as well what he hates

She’s better than I am at playing guitar
She’s better at writing in rhyme
She’s starting to write her own songs and I know
That soon they’ll be better than mine

I’m in shock, I’m in awe
They are better than me, that’s a fact
I’m in luck, I’m in love
And nothing is better than that


You’re lucky you’re not alive for this

It’s been almost 10 years since you breathed your last breath
It’s been almost ten years and I’m scared half to death
And none of us know what to say to our kids
You’re lucky you’re not alive for this

You’ve missed hundreds of baseball games, swim meets, and shows
You’ve missed thousands of chances to watch the kids grow
And it breaks my heart all the things that you’ve missed
You’re lucky you’re not alive for this

You taught me to see with a critical eye
And you taught me a mind should be free
You could be pessimistic, a lot of the time
But this you would never believe

We live in a fragile and delicate world
And I fear for our boys, even more for our girls
They’ve been sold down the river, betrayed with a kiss
You’re lucky you’re not alive for this

Now the KKK marches a victory march
While we fight for the right to drive gas-guzzling cars
If you don’t look familiar, then you’re on a list
You’re lucky you’re not alive for this

It’s the pattern perfected before you were born
First you find someone to blame
Then scare the crowd with distortions and lies
‘Cause there’s money in stoking the flames

Another school shooting and nothing is done
We just pray for the families and then we move on
We care more for our guns than we do for our kids
You’re lucky you’re not alive for this

I’m missing you now more than ever before
And I don’t understand or feel safe anymore
We’re attacking the truth and assaulting the press
You’re lucky you’re not alive for this

There are things that we hope for and things that we know
It’s hard to be hopeful these days
I’d run away away now but there’s no place to go
And you would have told me to stay

You’re lucky to miss such a maddening time
This world of hypocrisy, hatred, and crime
So many people are filled with such fear
Oh how I wish you were here

I really wish you were here


Miss You

It’s been three years and even still
I don’t believe I ever will
Delete you from the contacts in my phone

It may sound silly I don’t know
But I still cannot let you go
With you there I will never be alone

You should see your grandson playing ball
He’s 10 years old, and strong and tall
I know you never missed a game of mine

His sister’s smile is just like yours
It could launch a thousand ships or more
How is it that we ran out of time?

These are the only things that matter
And they don’t matter at all

I miss you, I miss you
Ever since you’ve gone away
I miss you, I miss you
I miss you, everyday

A good friend of mine died just last week
I could barely think, I could barely speak
You, you always knew just what to say

Now there’s a war outside and inside too
Not a one of us knows what to do
You, you always made it seem okay

These are the only things that matter
And they don’t matter at all



Keep My Mouth Shut Blues

“An opinion’s worth IQ points,” my boss he likes to say
And I might share my opinions if I wasn’t so afraid
My boss and I, we disagree on almost everything
And I can’t see any upside to telling my boss what I think

I’ve got the keep my mouth shut blues
Yeah the keep my mouth shut blues
There’s not much to gain by arguing, but there’s so much to lose
My job, my house, my friendships too – the keep my mouth shut blues

I have some thoughts on climate change and the role big oil plays
Gay marriage and religion, GMOs the NRA
My thoughts on cash in politics are as clear as they can be
But I’m gonna keep my mouth shut just in case we disagree


This song won’t tell you what to think, this song it barely rhymes
All opinions stated in this song? I won’t tell you if they’re mine
There’s just one thing I’m sure of, it’s what my friend Jarret said
You cannot make an omelet without breaking any eggs



All I Have is What I Hold

When the bell starts to ring and the night starts to fall
And the fears that I have turn to nothing at all
And the guards are all hiding behind shopping malls
There’s safety in numbers they say

When the black turns to white and the white turns to black
And the frontwards have turned so that now they’re all back
And we’re stockpiling weapons and water and snacks
Day after day after day

In the still of the night
In the glow of the light
You keep me warm when I am cold
All I have is what I hold

In the blink of an eye in the flash of a spark
In the glint of a blade in the night in the dark
In the smoke of a fire in the crash of a car
The wheels keep on sliding in muck

In the cry of a parent, the shock of the news
The flowers and snowflakes memorial blues
And everyone prays and that’s all they will do
They blame the whole thing on bad luck